How to setup & configure CCcam.cfg in skybox V6/V8/F3/F3s/F5 Openbox s9/s10/s11


CCcam firmware for all OpenBox installtion / upgradation

For those of you who for one reason or another, are experiancing difficulties adding clines, I have put together this basic tutorial showing how to add clines.

First Click Here to download the attached test Cccam.cfg file
Once unzipped open the file and overwrite the test clines with your own active clines, then save the changes.

Now add the cccam.cfg file to a USB Stick, do not zip the file, add it as is.
Then place the USB Stick that contains the cccam.cfg file, into the USB connector at the rear of the receiver.

Now goto Menu -> Network Local Settings and select CCcam Plug Setting and click the OK button

Now select Update Files by USB and click the OK button.
Adding clines to your OpenBox s9 / s10-screenhunter_02-sep.-14-20.46.gif
Now select CCcam,cfg [CCcam Plug] and click the OK button, you should then see a check mark or tick appear, indicating you have selected the file, if there is no tick shown, then you have not selected anything, and nothing will be installed.

Adding clines to your OpenBox s9 / s10-screenhunter_03-sep.-14-20.47.gif
If there is no tick displayed, select CCcam,cfg [CCcam Plug] and click the OK button
Adding clines to your OpenBox s9 / s10-screenhunter_05-sep.-14-20.49.gif
Once the tick is displayed, click the Yellow button.
Now select CCcam Plug Setting and click the OK button.
Adding clines to your OpenBox s9 / s10-screenhunter_06-sep.-14-20.50.gif
Now select option 1 .. CCcam.cfg and click the OK button.
Adding clines to your OpenBox s9 / s10-screenhunter_07-sep.-14-20.52.gif
Now highlight each cline you wish to activate, by clicking the OK button, a tick will appear next to each cline you have activated.

Adding clines to your OpenBox s9 / s10-screenhunter_08-sep.-14-20.53.gif

Finally check your Network Settings are configured correctly.

Adding clines to your OpenBox s9 / s10-screenhunter_09-sep.-14-20.54.gif
If your router supports DHCP turn it ON and click Apply.
If your router do not support DHCP you will be required to set it up manually, click Apply once you have set it up correctly
Adding clines to your OpenBox s9 / s10-screenhunter_10-sep.-14-20.55.gif
Now reboot your receiver, and if all is okay, you may start viewing channels


How to setup  skybox v6/v8/f3/f3s/f5 

ease of set up about 5 – 10 simple when its all explained just like everything so i have done a little tutorial for you all to help people unsure on what to do, the box is HD upgradable via USB device.

First off get yourself a blank usb device which must be formatted to fat32 by plugging into your pc, most of these boxes come with the image preloaded so all you will need to add is your favorite see lion, which is simple you put it on your usb and stick it in the front of the box.

The pictures below will show you the rest of the story, if you dont have a hdmi tv you can use the composit cable and the scart adapter as shown below.

This is the box the f3 comes in nice and compact.

This is what you get in the box remote Hdmi cable power lead and book 

If you dont have a HDMI fitting on your TV you will need these composite to scart.

Front of box

Front of box showing USB plug in behind the pull down door

Press menu from remote and select Network local setting

This is where you get into your cam*, but as you can see it does not show up reason been you have not entered the number

As you can now see once you see this screen all you do to get it is press 6666 on your remote this brings up the hidden menu

Once you press ok then click on cmds you will get this screen up click on the cca* or what you are using then you will get next screen

select update by usb and then select CCcam.cfg and press ok
Here you have your usb in and you can update your C lions here you can also manually do it by scrolling to the next option not highlighted

As you can see its not that hard to get this box up and running just takes the time to read and do it step by step, after that reboot your router and you should be viewing your channels any questions just put a post up and i will try answer it for you if i can.